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Based strictly on consensus recruiting rankings.
All multimillion-dollar payouts to not coach amateur athletes are absurd. Here is a modern way to calculate the ridiculousness of a particular buyout.
Each week, the Top Whatever ranks only the college football things that must be ranked.
Whatever it is that's happening here, there is certainly not much more of it.
There's a lot of Dan Mullen stuff in here. Plus USC, Georgia, and the blessed joy of being done with football.
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As always, the Watch Grid attempts to sort the college football Saturday by watchability.
BYU-Coastal, Tom Allen, Bama WRs, MAXIMUM BO NIX, the race to be the worst team of the worst year, and so forth.
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Each weekend, the Watch Grid attempts to sort your college football Saturday by watchability.
On a weekend in which a Vanderbilt kicker and a Broncos quarterback stepped up.
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Such as it is (the green square is very meaningful, so please study it closely (actually, I think it’s where Alex’s cursor was in the spreadsheet when I…
The Top Whatever is a weekly ranking of only the things that absolutely must be ranked.