Oh right, Moon Crew

Here's what's next!

What is Moon Crew?

I dunno. Several things. When Spencer, Richard, Alex, and me launched this thing in summer 2020, we were in need of some stuff.

  1. A lil company that could handle the money being made by our podcasts, our book, and stuff. There you have the entire founding vision of Moon Crew LLC.

  2. A place where we could post, a normal thing we like to do, during a football season when there was absolutely nothing normal about the world and/or our lives. That was this newsletter.

  3. A central spot for our readers/listeners/pals to hang out online. That’s the Discord, still going strong via our Patreon.

A year later, Moon Crew is mostly just #3, with a little bit of #1, but that part’s boring. We don’t have any plans at this point to continue this newsletter, but who knows!

However, we would like to make sure we’re easy to find going forward.

The Shutdown Fullcast

Hosted by Spencer, Jason, Ryan Nanni, and Holly Anderson, the internet’s only college football podcast shambles onward and is in the middle of launching a second show per week in association with Meadowlark Media. Also follow on Twitter and Instagram. There are also shirts and other merch.

Split Zone Duo

The actually smart college football podcast is hosted by Richard, Alex, and Steven Godfrey, with bonus episodes constantly firing via Patreon. Also follow on Twitter and Instagram.

The Sinful Seven

Our downright prophetic Wild West Multiverse history of the NCAA remains comfortably the weirdest college sports book of all time. And the prettiest, thanks to Tyson Whiting. We’ve heard requests for a printed version, and we’ll make progress on that … uh … some day.

Spencer Hall

I’m currently doing all of the following:

  • Writing or making two things a week at Channel 6 with Holly Anderson. That includes some regular college football stuff like The Top Whatever during the season, but also a bunch of short-form audio and newsletters for our subscribers, too. It’s ten bucks a month, and is totally worth it in my extremely biased opinion.

  • Fullcast (see above).

  • THINKING OUT LOUD ON THE SEC NETWORK, MONDAYS @ 7 PM ET WITH THE YOUNG KING RICHARD JOHNSON. DVR it, watch it, tell us how bad we looked, I don’t really care as long as you watch. It’ll be fun. Mostly for us, but hopefully for y’all, too.

  • On Twitter until I am set free from its hellish embrace forever.

Richard Johnson

Honestly, I don't think I've ever had a simpler list of responsibilities!

Alex Kirshner

  • I’m a contributing writer for Slate now. My posts there are here. It’s a mix of sports and money/tech stuff, which is a lot of fun. I’m still freelancing, which works for me and gives me the chance to write other places. A recent favorite is this thing at FiveThirtyEight about Nick Saban and the SEC. I didn’t ever think I would intentionally be an independent contractor while trying to build out a podcast business, but life’s funny sometimes. I have a portfolio site now.

  • You can find me in Discord often. I’m easy to reach.

  • I would love if you followed me on Twitter and, if you want, Instagram. Twitter is much more important to my making a living and all. I don’t post much on IG but you’ll know about it if I happen to visit somewhere really cool.

  • And I do a few things every week with my friend and old boss Jason. Speaking of!

Jason Kirk

  • This football season, my sports posts are at For The Win, my gambling stuff is at OddsChecker with Alex, and I have a Tuesday night football show on Spotify Greenroom with Alex. This past year, I’ve also written at Hazlitt, Slate, and Uproxx.

  • Subscribe to the Vacation Bible School Podcast, hosted by me and my wife Emily, in order to go undefeated in religion arguments against youth pastors. There is also a Patreon with some stuff, including a monthly Zoom book club.

  • I’m writing at least one book. It might be done any month now or any decade now. It’s an Exvangelical coming-of-age story set in the age of Homestar Runner, 9/11, Christian metalcore, Surge soda, and Mordor memes. Not much happens on my Substack, but I’ll be certain to post book updates there.

  • Also on Twitter and whatever.


Moon Crew