WATCH GRID: Well, it's almost over?

Whatever it is that's happening here, there is certainly not much more of it.

Hello, hope you’re doing reasonably well.

This is gonna be the last Watch Grid of the “season.” Usually, there’s a bowl season one as well, but that’s kind of already started? There was supposed to be a bowl this weekend, but it wisely chose to take the year off. Then more of them arrive starting Monday, in theory.

Thank you for reading during whatever this was. We’ll do another Top Whatever or two, and then do something different for the offseason, assuming that’s a thing (assume nothing).

In the meantime, let’s have a fun one in Discord? And our latest podcasts are on the intricacies of the coaching search at Auburn and a guy who got arrested for jet skiing across the Irish Sea. Bet you can’t guess which show did which episode!